iOS Development Challenge | Readdle

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2022 Oct 05 - 21:00


2023 Mar 13 - 21:00


2023 Mar 22 - 13:00
During the competition, participants will apply their knowledge of Swift, as well as software development skills: SOLID, application of design patterns, work with multi-threaded architecture, and task decomposition.

Along with the fun experience, participants can win a great prize from our partner Readdlean iPad 9th generation 🏆
Readdle is also giving away a year's subscription to:
🔸 PDF Expert — is a PDF editing application that allows you to read, annotate and edit PDF files, change text and images, fill out forms, and sign contracts.
🔸 Scanner Pro — easily and conveniently convert documents to PDF files using your iPhone and iPad. Scan receipts, books, identification numbers, invoices, and other documents.
🔸 Calendars —  is an application that allows you to use calendars on all Apple devices seamlessly.